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The Organ

The organ was built by Rushworth and Dreaper in 1916 and cost just over 1000. It consists of 3 manuals and 26 stops, see the full specification here. Three of the stops were installed as 'prepared for' which means that there is a stop knob on the console but no pipes inside the organ chamber. After 92 years we are nearing the stage where the specification will be completed. In November 2008, the vox humana pipes were installed into the organ and this stop was heard for the first time.
The organ is now looked after by Mr. Brian Jones, formerly of Rushworth and Dreaper, and now with his new firm, Merseyside Pipe Organ & Piano Workshop.

St. Paul's is very proud of the fact that Ian Tracey, Organist Titulaire of Liverpool cathedral began to learn to play the organ here at the age of six, under the tuition of Ernest Whittingham, organist of St. Paul's for over 50 years. Ian played for his first service at St. Paul's at the age of nine. Ian gave a generous donation in 2002 to have repairs done to the winding system in memory of his mother, Helene Tracey (1927-2001) and in 2011 to have the swell concussion bellows re-leathered in memory of his father, William Tracey (1925-1993).

The 18th century organ case was rescued from the old St. Paul's church when it was closed. It is adorned with cherubs carved by the master wood carver Grinling Gibbons who is famous for carving the choir stalls and the organ case in St. Paul's cathedral in London and the pulpit in St. Paul's, Covent Garden where he was also laid to rest.

We have set up an organ appeal to raise 106,000. Can you help?

organ case great pipes console
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